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Reciprocating Compressor W-Series

W-Series Reciprocating Compressors

Single Acting Compressors 15-84 kW (20-113hp) 

The W Series reciprocating compressor has a reputation built on quality, reliability, and accessibility to all components. The industrial air compressor is a single acting W configuration and includes air and water cooled cylinder units. With a cast iron build that is pressure lubricated, this compressor is engineered for multiple applications. The maximum operating pressure for this product is 175 psig.


Advanced Designs for Compressor Solutions

The W-Series compressors include heavy duty cast iron construction, counterbalanced crankshaft to ensure smooth operation, deep-finned cylinders on air-cooled units and water cooled cylinders and heads on water cooled units, which quickly dissipate the heat of compression. Superior lubrication is accomplished through a gear driven positive displacement oil pump powered by the crankshaft complete with a spin on oil filter. W-series compressors are ideal for petroleum refineries, oil rigs, plant air, ore mines and well head servicing.

  • 20-113 hp
  • 105 cfm-560 cfm
  • 20-175 psig operating pressure
  • Single & Two Stage
  • Pressure Lubricated
  • Cast iron construction
  • Compressors are shipped without oil


Design Advantages

  • Two stage compressors have an ASME pressure relief valve that protects the intercooler and first stage from over pressure
  • Low lift valves for volumetric efficiency and reliability.
  • Removable hand-hole plate allows easy access to the internal running gear.
  • Con Rods have two-piece insert bearings for quick and easy replacement.
  • Counterbalanced crankshaft assures smooth operation.
  • Two stage units have an interstage intercooler to reduce the interstage temperature which permits low discharge temperatures.
  • Both air and water cooled units have features that are designed to quickly dissipate the heat of compression.
  • Crankshaft ends are supported by large tapered roller bearings for smooth operation and long life.
  • Oil pressure gauge assures the operator of lubrication system integrity.
  • The cylinders and crankcases are built of industrial strength cast iron materials.
  • Superior lubrication is accomplished through a gear driven oil pump powered by the crankshaft. The pressurized system ensures complete lubrication to the crankshaft, connecting rods, bearings and piston pins. Full flow, spin-on oil filter ensures impurities are removed before the lubricant contacts any internal components.
  • Oil pressure gauge is conveniently mounted to display the oil pressure.


Service and Warranty

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The engineering philosophy of Gardner Denver ensures long-lasting, reliable equipment. Our simple, but bold warranty programs demonstrate our belief in the quality found in Gardner Denver compressors. 

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