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Bellis and Morcom PET Reciprocating Air Compressor

Belliss & Morcom - Reciprocating Air Compressor

PET Bottle Blowing Compressor 93-560 kW (125-750 HP)

The highly engineered products in this Belliss & Morcom reciprocating air compressor has set the new standard for productivity at low operating costs. This industrial air compressor is water cooled, making it oil free. A fully balanced operation compounded with a variable speed drive makes this machine one of the most versatile products on the PET bottle blowing market. 


Achieving the optimal oil-free compressor solution has never been easier

The Belliss & Morcom VH range of compressors offers a neatly arranged compressor system which provides maximum oil-free air capactiy in the smallest available footprint.

  • 420 to 1,500 m3/hour at 40 barg
  • 90 to 260 kW direct zero drive loss 'shaftless' motor
  • Oil-free
  • Water cooled
  • 3 stages
  • Capacity control - 0 to 100%
  • Variable speed drive range from 50-100%
  • Fully balanced operation

The Belliss & Morcom WH range of compressors offers higher volumes of oil-free air utilizing energy efficient equipment and components. The double acting design provides greater flexibility in capacity control and lower power consumption. 

  • 1,680 to 3,200 m3/hour at 40 barg
  • 280 to 550 kW direct zero drive loss 'shaftless' motor
  • Oil-free
  • Water cooled
  • 3 stages
  • Capacity control - 0% / 50% / 100%
  • Variable speed drive range from 30-100%
  • Fully balanced operation


What makes the Gardner Denver Belliss & Morcom range unique?

Gardner Denver Belliss & Morcom have the ability to understand our customer's specific requirements and are committed to ensuring we provide intelligent solutions that meet your ultimate needs.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

  • With the highest efficiency motors at 97.1% and the latest in extended life materials technology, both the VH & WH range continue to outperform all other 40 barg oil-free compressors in the PET industry. Maintenance costs are also kept to a minimum due to our unique shaftless motor, with no belts or bearings there are fewer parts to maintain, which can eliminate unscheduled downtime.

Low Power Consumption - High on Efficiency

  • With each compressor driven by our EEF compliant water cooled motor, our 3 stage oil-free compressor is proven to be the most power efficient design concept for a 40 barg PET compressor.

Small Compressor Footprint

  • Where space is at a premium, the Belliss & Morcom range of oil-free compressors offer a neatly arranged compressor system in the smallest footprint available. With no specialist foundations required, our compressor systems are easily installed and fully operational in the shortest possible time scale.

Balanced Operation

  • All Belliss & Morcom compressors are dynamically balanced, therefore removing the need for any special and expensive structural foundations. The compressor room floor is only required to carry the static weight of the compressor.

Maximum Oil-Free Air Quality

  • With absolutely no risk of contamination, Belliss & Morcom compression technology delivers the highest quality oil-free compressed air meaning no possibility of oil contamination in your process up to ISO 8573 class 0. The intrinsically oil-free air produced by a Belliss & Morcom compressor meets all air quality standards including Pure Air - ISO 8573-1.



Service and Warranty

Offering complete peace of mind for your compressor operation

All Gardner Denver High Pressure compressors have been designed to provide many years of trouble free service, however even the most reliable products require regular service and maintenance. This is why Gardner Denver provides as standard a 12 month manufacturer's warranty, with the added option of extending the warranty period should you wish to enter in to one of our Total Care Maintenance & Warranty Plans.