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CFE Series Mist Eliminators Image

CFE Series

Mist Eliminators

Champion CFE Series Mist Eliminators are used to reduce energy costs and remove oil and water aerosols from compressed air systems. They also protect products and processes from contamination, increase the life of pneumatic equipment, help eliminate paint appearance and adhesion problems, and keep pneumatic instruments operating.


  • 125 - 3000 SCFM
  • Maximum working pressure: 150 PSIG
  • Maximum operating temperature: 150°F
  • Low pressure drop, saving energy
  • Long life mist eliminator element - standard
  • Automatic condensate drain - optional 


Low operating costs

  • Low pressure drop: 0.5 to 1 psi (0.04 to 0.07 kgf/cm2) Typical coalescing filters operate at 3 to 6 psi (0.21 to 0.42 kgf/cm2) requiring the air compressor to operate at higher operating pressures, increasing power requirements by 2.5% or more
  • Long element life: 8 to 15 years, with a large in-depth bed, element life is much longer than conventional oil removal filters
  • Virtually maintenance free

Extra protection

  • Captures and retains large slugs of oil and water, should drain trap fail.
  • Protects downstream equipment from contamination should oil separator on rotary screw compressor fail

Removes submicronic particles

  • 100% of particles 3 micron and larger
  • 99.98% of particles 0.1 micron and larger
  • 0.5 ppm w/w maximum liquid content after filtration
  • 1000 ppm maximum inlet liquid loading