Whip Checks

Whip Checks

Used Wherever a Hose Attaches to Any Piece of Waterjetting Equipment

A standard, and highly recommended, safety measure throughout the water jetting industry is the use of "whip checks" wherever a high pressure hose is joined to a piece of equipment. The whip check is used to restrain the movement of the pressurized hose should it become uncoupled, thereby allowing operators to get away and safely shut the system down.

The whip check can be attached at any point where two hoses are joined, or to a pump's fluid end at the discharge side, or where a hose attaches to any piece of water jetting equipment. Pictured here are two typical whip check types, one is nylon with rubber cinch bands, and the second is the stainless steel tension model. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of typical safety devices used in water jetting, please contact Gardner Denver Water Jetting Systems at 800-231-3628 or your nearest authorized distributor.