Hydrovane is a well established compressor brand for industrial and mobile applications, in many countries represented by authorised distributors. In Germany, Hydrovane is part of Gardner Denver Transport Solutions including mobile applications applied within trains, buses, trams, Metro systems and not forgetting the automotive sector for electric and hybrid vehicles.

The compressed air delivered is a critical element in the safe operation of the central braking systems as well as pneumatic door operation and vehicle suspension systems. Hydrovane provides Air System Modules (ASM), for some of the most sophisticated applications and with extensive industry knowledge are able to offer products specific for industry, as well as on-going maintenance and aftermarket support.

The compact and lightweight Hydrovane compressor can be directly driven thereby capturing the maximum drive efficiencies from the power supply. In addition a Hydrovane compressor offers a variety of cooling options, with duty cycles tailored to specific applications and extremely low noise levels, making it the ideal solution for all compressed air requirements within transit applications.

In order to optimise efficiency, Hydrovane specialises in the pre-treatment of the incoming air supply as well as downstream filtration and treatment prior to air delivery to the system.


  • Compact and light weight package
  • Direct drive
  • Cooler options – integral, remote panel, side panel mounted
  • Choice of 100% duty or stop start operating modes
  • Extremely low noise levels
  • Smooth clean supply of pulse free air
  • No vibration
  • Optional regulated speed
  • Typical ASM (Air System Module) 
Please visit Hydrovane website to find the local Hydrovane distributor dealing with your industrial or transport application.