Since its establishment in 1892, the Drum brand has enjoyed a successful history of providing solutions for loading or unloading liquids and dry bulk materials from road tankers. We combine proactive product development with innovative design and a customer orientated focus.

Drum is a market leader in the design and manufacture of compressors, blowers, cargo pumps and other equipment. Application, installation and maintenance are all crucially important to produce the very best results in performance and economy, whilst also providing a long, reliable life.

Combined with customer feedback, this wealth of knowledge and experience is brought to bear on product developments to produce useful and hence desirable products for the market.

A state of the art research & development facility with over 20 test cells ensures that quality is designed into the products from the start of the development process.


  • High quality, reliable, technically superior products
  • High efficiency designs, honest performance, and lower running costs
  • Excellent field and service support
  • Innovative application and installation knowledge – helping you to work better, faster and leaner
  • Multiple packages and options, solutions for every market.