Peristaltic pumps for a variety of liquids

Peristaltic pumps are your ally when you need to dose or dispense the fluid with high accuracy without cross-contamination. They can be used to pump a variety of liquids such as water, blood, sterile or aggressive fluids or suspended solid. It is a type of positive displacement pump that transports the liquid through the tube by a series of rollers, that squeeze it against the pump housing, in a similar way that we swallow food.

An ideal pump solution for a variety of OEM applications

The tube pumps, as they are often referred to, have one substantial benefit. Accurate dispensing or metering with no risk of cross-contamination. This makes these pumps ideal for a wide range of industries and applications.

For example, in medical or laboratory devices, peristaltic liquid pumps can be used for processing sterile fluids, dialysis, filtration or bioprocessing. In food, agriculture or disinfection processes, it can be used for the handling of food or beverages, vitamins or chemicals. But it also can be used for wastewater treatment or other environmental use such as condensate removal in gas analysis.

Thomas Peristaltic Pumps for different needs

Thomas offers self-priming, dry-running pump technologies designed in a way that simplifies maintenance and focuses on ease of use. Peristaltic pumps are a perfect solution for pumping shear-sensitive substances because the pump technology is able to move liquids gently and smoothly. Our products provide flow rates in the range from less than 0.1 ml/min up to 3000 ml/min. Special models can handle high pressures of up to 10 bar.

With four series of products, each OEM can find the right product suitable for their application. Our tubing pumps are driven by A/C, D/C and Stepper motors and can operate clockwise or in reverse. What’s more, the pump system can perform short time or continuous operation.

SR10 Series

A very simple construction characterizes the smallest hose pumps designed for short time operations. The simplistic design enables an easy change of the pump cassette and is available in two cassette dimensions for different flow rates.

SR18 Series

The QuiXchange system used in this pump enables a user to exchange the tube without any tools within seconds. The spring-loaded roller carrier enables enhanced tube lifetime and gentle transfer of fluids. It's run by AC-motor and can be equipped with an optional „sequencer“ for even better flow adjustment and control.

SR25 Series

This tube pump offers excellent tube protection, thanks to the unique design of spring-loaded rollers supported by guiding side rollers. The pump construction makes it easy to quickly exchange the tube, in a similar way to SR18 series. Depending on the selected motors, which range from A/C over D/C to Stepper motors can be applied for short-time or continuous operation.

ETL200 Series

The compactly sized and precise pump ETL200 features a dual spring-loaded occlusion for maximum tube lifetime and accuracy. The easy to use opening mechanism helps to simplify the tube loading. This product is available with bridged tubing and high-quality stepper motor. Optionally a dedicated controller board to drive the stepper motor can be ordered.

Customized to meet your OEM needs

Our experts can customize the pump solution by modifying the pump head parts, motor and tubing specification to meet your specific requirements. Thomas offers different tubing materials suitable for a variety of fluids depending on your needs.

  • Standard Novoprene tubing for a wide range of applications and a long lifetime.
  • Norprene® tubes that are most suitable for alkaline liquids with equally long lifetime.
  • PharMed BPT® - a high-quality tubing dedicated to medical, laboratory and research use. Characterized by a unique structure that guarantees improved chemical resistance. Designed to provide a long lifetime, biocompatible and suitable for autoclaves.
  • Silicone tubes that remain elastic over a wide temperature range, which makes them perfect for polar solvents.

To learn more about each material and select the best one for your medium, download the product brochure or contact us.

To learn more about the working principle, visit the peristaltic pumps technology. It will provide you with more information as well as insights on what to look for when selecting the right model. You’ll learn how the peristaltic pump works,