The Experts in PET compressor for Bottle Blowing

Since 1978, Belliss&Morcom has been a leading provider of PET bottle blowing compressors. Our range of oil free compressors are engineered from the ground up to meet the PET bottle blowing industry’s needs. Belliss&Morcom air compressors provide unrivalled levels of performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Our commitment to innovation, attention to detail, and unwavering customer focus are what brought us to the top level. These characteristics combined with the quality and engineering refinement of our PET compressors, translate to real world advantages for our customers. This includes reduced energy consumption, greater uptime, and lower operating costs.

PET Bottle Blowing

Experience the difference with Belliss & Morcom, and discover why every detail matters when the pressure is on.

Every Detail Matters

In the competitive world of PET bottle blowing, every efficiency-gain and cost-saving matters.Every bottle matters, every second of every production run matters. And every cubic metre of compressed air matters.

In PET bottle blowing, success depends on fine margins. That is why the performance and efficiency of your PET bottle blowing compressor is so important. Those two characteristics are the key to helping you maximize output and lower operating costs.

In a busy factory, where the quality and reliability of every bottle matters, you need equipment you can rely on. Which is why every Belliss & Morcom PET compressor comes with quality and reliability built in.

Belliss and Morcom PET compressor
Shaftless Motors can save you over £50,000 a year - Find out how more on our Product Page.

Every 1 percent matters

Engineered to perform, Belliss & Morcom PET bottle blowing compressors come equipped with a shaftless motor as standard. This feature results in energy savings of up to 12% over traditional belt driven systems. The unique ‘W’ design of our bottle blowing compressors further maximize efficiency, and add an additional level of reliability. This allows each compression stage to run on its own cylinder; providing complete capacity control.

As a result, 100% of the motor’s output power is transferred directly into the compressor’s running gear, with zero degradation over the lifetime of the equipment. So you start by saving, and you continue saving, year after year.

Every minute matters

In key operational environments, every minute of available production matters. Routine service downtime eats into profitability. Through our unique diagonal design, Belliss & Morcom compressors remove the need for costly interim servicing and maintenance.

Smaller footprint

In busy PET production sites, space is always at a premium. A smaller machine footprint can be a big advantage. Thanks to their design, Belliss & Morcom compressors are significantly more compact than competitors’ equipment. It means more air delivered for a given amount of factory floor.

Whatever details matter to you, Belliss & Morcom bottle blowing compressors are engineered to provide your PET plant with:


  • High Efficiency and Low Energy Consumption
  • Cost effective solution
  • Unrivalled Reliability
  • Maximum Uptime
  • Tailored Performance using a Wide Range of Specifications, Options, & Accessories
  • Space Saving Design
  • Low maintenance needs




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