REDI® Tip XL - A new Member is joining the Family

Zinsser Analytic is well known for their REDI® technology to enable the highest precision in dispensing of solid materials - even in the very low milligram-range.

Solid dispensing needs to be accurate, fast and flexible without any potential for cross contamination of samples. All of these factors were considered by Zinsser Analytic during the initial and continued development of their REDI® powder handling technology. The REDI® technology is equipped to handle powders with widely differing characteristics in terms of particle size and density and also offers maximum flexibility with respect to volume/weight range required, source vessel type and enabling mass to allow aspiration from source vessels. To allow more flexibility the volume size has now been extended by REDI® Tip XL to dispense from 0.5µl to 1500µl in the same automated workflow.

The dispensing workbench itself is based on the smart pipetting concept which aspirates solid material via the REDI® Tip. The volume of the REDI® Tip can be adjusted by changing the insertion depth of the REDI® probe into the conductive Tip. If several solid materials are distributed in one run, cross contamination is avoided by either using different REDI® Tips for different materials or by washing the REDI® Tip from inside and outside with a solvent.

REDI® systems are easy to operate for all users - after selecting the predefined method in the WinLISSY® software and placing the solid source vessels and the destination vessels on the workbench, the user simply has to press start. REDI® robotic platforms can be equipped with multiple REDI® Tools of different sizes and can also be combined with liquid handling for greater functionality and throughput.

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