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When quiet operation, low maintenance and a small footprint are critical, scroll air compressors are the smart choice. Their compact and innovative design make them ideal for many commercial applications where reliable, oil-free air is required.

How Scroll Compressors Work
Scroll compressors use two interlacing spiral scrolls to pump, compress and pressurise air.
1. One scroll remains in a fixed position, while the other scroll orbits around it without rotating.
2. This motion traps the air in the pockets between the two scrolls, and pushes the air towards the center. As the air moves closer to the center, the pockets become smaller,
and the air is compressed.
3. The process constantly repeats to maintain suction.
4. Once the air reaches the center, it is discharged through an outlet.

Scroll Compressor Advantages
Smaller footprint —— Takes up less floor space
Fewer components —— Higher reliability, longer life, less maintenance
Lower sound level ——Healthy work environment
100% oil-free —— Can be used in any industry
Use less consumables —— Longer service intervals and life
No metal friction —— Less maintenance
Zero emissions —— Meets goals for sustainability
Fewer moving parts —— Lower vibration
100% Oil-Free Air —— The simple tip seal design of a scroll compressor ensures no metal-to-metal contact anywhere. Therefore, the technology does not require lubrication, ensuring high-quality, oil-free air.