Revolutionary CycloBlower VHX Introduced by Gardner Denver

Innovation is in Gardner Denver’s DNA. Since its inception in 1859, innovation continues to be a core strength of Gardner Denver. The challenges of unrelenting pressure to minimize energy costs and do more with less across all industries has led us to release a revolutionary, world first innovation in blower technology named the CycloBlower VHX.

The new CycloBlower VHX is the next evolution in the innovative blower design. Gardner Denver introduced the world to the CycloBlower rotary screw technology back in the 1950’s; then reimagined it in 2015 with a patented 3x5 fixed rotor profile that improved efficiency, expanded the pressure capabilities up to 36 psig and widened application of the technology. 

Now in 2018, Gardner Denver leapfrogs its own innovative helical crew rotor design to create the patent pending variable helix 3x5 helical screw rotor profile in the CycloBlower VHX — to deliver more. More reliability. More performance. More efficient turndown capabilities across a across a wider range of flows and speeds when compared to other technologies. Available with three different discharge port options, the CycloBlower VHX optimizes efficiencies based on the pressures and performance of your application. It’s built with the best-of-the-best components including a robust ductile iron shaft tested for strength, helical timing gears for smooth operation, Inpro/Seal® oil seals for superior leak protection and other premium parts all backed by an industry leading, extensive warranty.  

The CycloBlower VHX design integrates a variable helix pitch to our patented screw rotor profile, increasing efficiency in generating faster internal compression allowing for larger discharge porting that minimize air losses. In addition, it allows the achievement of energy savings up to 35% when compared to comparable sized technologies. The first model size of the series, available now, is the 100CDL300A with additional sizes to follow. This new, innovative blower product is built and shipped from Gardner Denver’s manufacturing facility in Sedalia, Missouri.

By investing in new technologies and new innovations, we are investing in our customers. We strongly believe that innovation defines our future. This new innovation further enhances the competiveness of Gardner Denver’s market leading product portfolio and leads the way in blower efficiency.

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