How can waste water treatment operators align environmental and business goals?

An interview to Romain Donzel, Blowers Product & Market Director at Gardner Denver.
  1. What does your specific role within Gardner Denver entail?
    I’m responsible for the PD Blower (Robuschi) standard product range as well as market development. In short, my team and I’s objective is to make sure that the products we are manufacturing as well as developing for the future will fit the needs of our customers but also anticipate possible future trends. A very challenging but also interesting position!

  2. According to your experience, what are currently the biggest challenges for the WWT Industry?
    The biggest challenge for the WWT Industry is, in my opinion, aligning environmental challenges with economic ones. In our blower business, the past decade brought a revolution in terms of products, with the rise of new, more energy-efficient technologies.

  3. romain_donzel

    Although these appear to be very interesting on paper, it is not so easy for inexperienced eyes to know which one to choose, as every case and project is different. This can very easily lead to situations where solutions are not fulfilling expectations and turn out to be quite harmful (environmentally and economically.)

  4. How can these challenges be addressed?
    Unfortunately, there is no magical answer, but I would say teaming up with a reliable partner who’s able to help navigate through the challenges of designing, analyzing and choosing the best solution is probably the best approach for someone who’s inexperienced in this area. And even for those with some previous experience, as the market is evolving so rapidly, it’s always good to get experts’ advice and support.

  5. What trends do you expect to drive the WWT Industry in the nearest future, and what are Gardner Denver’s plans and ambitions in this area?
    The WWT Industry will continue to grow due to the positive demographic evolution as well as industrialization of more and more countries. With this trend, the need for flexible and reliable products, adaptable to various situations will be increasing. At Gardner Denver, we plan to keep on serving our customers and the market throughout this evolution process, being the number one partner to support the changes.

  6. What would be your recommendation for WWT operators who look to develop and improve their business?
    My recommendation is to develop a strategy together with their professional partner(s) as early as possible and put aside preconceived ideas or solutions. The earlier and more open-minded the discussion, the more chances of arriving at a solution that likely exceeds what the customer might have done on their own. It’s all about sharing experience, expertise and good practices!