Certified OEM Parts For HOFFMAN & LAMSON Blowers Quick Shipped To Your Door In 1 Business Day

Hoffman & Lamson have been custom designing centrifugal blowers and engineered vacuum solutions for over 115 years. Centrifugal blowers are assembled per customer’s specifications and application demands. Therefore, quality, reliability, and efficiency are of utmost importance.

Our experts recognize the significance of maintaining product integrity and servicing customers. For this reason, global distribution centers have been established to quickly act in times of urgency. Critical certified OEM parts are shipped and delivered within 1 business day.

HOFFMAN & LAMSON global distribution centers stock standard OEM parts including bearing kits, bearing housings, seal kits, impellers, vacuum hoses, tools, and accessories as well as other vacuum products. 

Components are certified and built to the HOFFMAN & LAMSON legacy encompassing optimum efficiency and dependability. Performance is guaranteed and backed by a factory warranty. 

Hoffman & Lamson Quick Ship

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