KMK Paper started up already a third RunEco solution.

KMK Paper, PM1, Turkey - Runtech vacuum system
KMK Paper strives for continuous improvement in energy efficiency. Mill Director Bekir Yemsen (third from the left) reports that the average energy saving with the installation of turbo blowers is 42%.

KMK Paper (Kahramanmaraş Kağıt Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi), Turkey, has started up a Runtech-supplied vacuum system on their PM1. 

The system is already a third one for the company. The previous systems are EP500-700-D1 Turbo Blower at PM2 in Kahmaranmaraş and EP500-700-D1 at PM3 in Kütahya.

The latest system comprises of EP600-50-HF1 Turbo Blower, EcoDrop water separator and EcoFlow dewatering measurement.

RunEco is an environmentally friendly and energy efficient vacuum system concept providing a reliable solution that is ideal for the paper industry applications. RunEco saves 30% to 70% energy compared with traditional vacuum system and it is completely water-free. RunEco’s improved energy and water consumption leads to a payback time of just 1-3 years.

“Our motto as KMK is to be innovative, self-improving and practicing the philosophy of continuous improvement. One of the continuous improvement areas that we focused on the most is the energy efficiency.

Our primary target is to keep the electrical energy consumption per ton of paper production at minimum level and to be a pioneer in this matter. One of our studies that we conducted is in the area of vacuum pumps. Vacuum pumps are one of the highest electrical consumption areas in paper machine. We have replaced WRP with Turbo Blowers at equal pressure and air flow rate in collaboration with Runtech in our Kahramanmaraş and Kütahya mills”, says Mill Director Bekir Yemsen.

“With all these Turbos mounted, we provided the improvement of energy efficiency. After completing survey, project design and start-up periods, we made substantial savings at specific electrical energy consumptions.” 


KMK Paper, PM1, Turkey - Runtech vacuum system

Electrical energy consumption before and after Runtech vacuum system optimization in KMK Paper, Turkey.

Kahramanmaras Paper Industry Incorp. was founded in Kahramanmaraş in 1988, where it started production of corrugated paperboard with a PM1 with a capacity of 40,000 (tpa) tons per annum in the following year. With the inclusion of PM 2 in 1997, grey board production was also started. In the same year, the modernization investment on PM 1 increased both quality and the total capacity to 150,000 tpa.

A new investment decision in 2010 resulted in the construction and establishment of the first newsprint paper in private sector in Turkey. This paper mill started production in the last quarter of 2012 in Kütahya Industrial Zone with a PM 3, capable of producing 100,000 tpa. 

Well known for its Fluting and Testliner production for the corrugated paperboard industry, KMK Paper has, since 2002, added to its product portfolio various paperboard and paper products for tissue paper cores, textile, printing, plaster board, and furniture industries and provides service for printing-publishing industry.

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