EP Turbo #200 has been sold to DS Smith Kemsley, UK.


Kemsley PM6 is a 6.9 meter wide linerboard machine producing approx. 260 000 t/a. Existing blower system will be fully replaced by Ecopump Turbos (4 pcs) and new generation Ecodrop water separators. Rebuild is planned to be ready before end of 2016.

Kemsley Turbo’s will be the new generation EP600 units with updated electrical drive, impeller and volutes. Units will provide higher air flows, vacuum levels and wider

operating window compared to the existing EP500 units.

The first EP315 Turbos were installed back in 1999 and the EP500 was launched approx. 10 years ago.  If you want to know more about the new EP600 please contact [email protected]