New Robox Turbo helps cut the waste in wastewater treatment

Robuschi has announced its new Robox Turbo package, providing wastewater treatment plants with the full spectrum of blower technology from a single unit, delivering vital efficiencies to operators that can have a big impact on the bottom line.

The Robox Turbo’s operating range extends from positive displacement, courtesy of the unit’s tried and trusted lobe and screw solutions, all the way to centrifugal compression with the latest high-speed turbo blower technology. This means the system can be adapted for both low- and high-pressure configurations, with a range of up to 2.5 bar and an air flow rate of up to 26,500 m3/h. Whatever the process air demands are during aeration, the Robox Turbo system can easily adapt to meet these needs, ensuring energy usage is optimised while reducing a plant’s energy bills in the process too. Energy savings of up to 40 per cent are possible.

With many plants working towards ambitious sustainability goals, upgrading to a system like Robox Turbo can help play an important role in contributing to reduced energy consumption and the impact this has on the environment.

Turbo blower
Turbo blower inverter

The system’s impeller uses air foil bearings, which generate a completely contactless transmission when the turbo blower is running. This eliminates any mechanical efficiency losses, as well as ensuring no oil is needed in the system’s air end. The fact that the Robox Turbo is oil-less means it meets even the most rigorous environmental standards, too.

Meanwhile, a sophisticated but easy-to-use control system ensures monitoring the performance of the Robox Turbo is simple and straight-forward. 

Available in a compact design, our new Robox Turbo takes up minimal floor space, while being incredibly easy to install too. Thanks to its power electric cabinet and integrated variable frequency drive, all the Robox Turbo needs is a connection to the pipework and electric power, making it practically a ‘plug and play’ solution.

The Robox Turbo offers a superior blower solution to the wastewater treatment industry, helping improve a site’s total cost of ownership during the lifetime of the blower, while also reducing a plant’s environmental impact. The package grants up to 40 per cent energy savings and requires little maintenance, too.”

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