A Simple Strategy with a powerful promise

“We’ll always put you at the heart of every decision we make.”
Gareth Topping, Vacuum and Low Pressure Solutions Business Line Director

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What does Customer 1st mean?

It means, going above and beyond to…

  • Deliver value to our customers
  • Understand their challenges
  • Align our solutions with their needs
  • Constantly improve our customer focused offering
  • Share our expertise to grow their business
  • Adapt our processes, thinking and actions in all departments





Our four areas of focus are:

  1. Lowering energy consumption and reducing the environmental impact of our solutions
  2. Reducing life time cost of ownership by offering high quality, fit for purpose equipment with low maintenance requirements
  3. Improving your process productivity to reduce your production costs whilst increasing output
  4. Harnessing innovation to keep your business moving forward


It’s a journey, not a destination

We will constantly strive to improve our customer focused business to deliver value for our valued partners. We know this doesn’t ever stop and neither shall we.


Customer 1st in action:

"We choose their centrifugal pumps in particular, trusting in their proven experience. Each time, we let the Robuschi technicians know the destination of the pump, and its head and capacity data on the basis of the plant engineering requirements we need to meet, and they expertly suggest the type of pump most suited to that specific case." 

Michelini Mauro, Managing Director at Recard

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We're fully satisfied with this machine" says Renzi. "Apart from the fact that it's simple to install and manage, ROBOX energy guarantees stability - something that influences the process; it ensures flexibility, allowing it to be used in both small-medium sized systems like ours, and in higher capacity systems; it offers the perfect combination with the intermittent ventilation cycles; and, last but not least, it meets the specific needs of a seasonal system like Valdobbiadene that also has notable daily variations as well."

Renzi, Environmental engineer at Alto Trevigiano Servizi

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A step by step approach to greater environmental, social and economic responsibility. The efficiency of the new ROBOX screw compressor unit played a major role in this respect. “These results will definitely boost our company's image, as we can prove to the market that we're in a position to offer our customers added value besides the actual finished product.”

Antonio Bergo, head of the Dopla production department

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“One of the specifically required characteristics was the containment of noise emissions within 70 dbi. Also for this application, Robox Screw proved to be the best choice: the compressor is fitted with a soundproof noise enclosure that contains these noise emissions, making it possible to comply fully with the standards imposed.”

Ing. Barbara Crotti, A.S. Mortara Spa Chief Operating Officert

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