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Oberdorfer™ pumps are found throughout the agriculture industry. Whether your needs are in aquaculture, commodity processing, waste water removal or dairy processing, there’s a pumping solution for your agribusiness requirements.

Spraying crops


Preservative Spray

Oberdorfer gear pumps are used to keep live stock from flies, lice and ticks and fruits and vegetables healthy and free of harmful insects, weavels, bugs, and worms. Oberdorfer gear pump can be mounted to the tractor PTO shaft. Chemical is sprayed into the high velocity air volume being exhausted by the specially constructed blower unit to mist the areas affected. 

Herbicide Spray

Oberdorfer gear pumps are used to spray farms with viscous herbicide to kill weeds. Pump housings and gears are made of top quality bronze, shafts are 303 stainless steel. Bearings are made of high performance carbon-graphite material selected for wear resistance and long service life. Gear pumps are positive displacement pumps. Each shaft revolution displaces a definite amount of liquid relatively unaffected by the back pressure in the discharge line. Shaft speed and flow are directly proportional. 


Mosquito Control

Oberdorfer pumps are used for aerial spraying for mosquito control using high concentration insecticides often referred to as ULV (ultra-low volume) spraying. Both fixed wing and helicopters are used. Our Oberdorfer corrosion resistant stainless-steel Chemsteel pumps are mounted externally on the aircraft driven by DC motors available from Oberdorfer. Because of highly corrosive nature of insecticides special Teflon are used along with special non-galling stainless-steel gears.

Heat and Humidity Controls

Oberdorfer pumps are used in the drying of cotton. Oberdorfer pumps are used to pump fuel oil to the oil burner and used to heat water. Water is heated to approximately 120 degrees Fahrenheit and sprayed into a heated air mixing chamber. The extremely high humidity level air is directed into the cotton batt, making it suitable for ideal conditions of processing, bailing and shipping.