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We Turn Specs Into Reality - Hoffman & Lamson Engineered Blower Systems

With over 100 years of engineering expertise, Hoffman & Lamson specializes in the design and manufacture of engineered centrifugal blower and exhauster systems that are custom tailored to your application and specifications.

Now you can experience Hoffman & Lamson blower products and systems through Augmented Reality on your Apple or Android device.

Available in the App Store and on Google Play, download Hoffman & Lamson AR Explorer and scan the cover of our Engineered Systems brochure to experience full 3D views, cutaways of centrifugal blowers, and engineered systems. Click the Apple or Google link below to download the app to get started.

Experience a new reality...From engineering to construction, installation to aftermarket services; Hoffman & Lamson is your single source solution for custom engineered systems.