Our automotive liquid pumps offer a range of options for transferring liquids from road tankers and for land based applications. The cargo pumps are designed to give efficient performance, easy maintenance and the ability to deliver a wide range of liquid types and viscosities.

With discharging pressures of up to 10 bar for cargo pumps and 20 bar for industrial automotive liquid pumps, we give you a wide range of best result operation for challenging applications, where load integrity must be carefully controlled. Major market segments include food & beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and petrochemical.




Food, Feed, Chemical


Automotive Rotary Lobe Liquid Pumps

With our new, low weight and compact stainless steel STP pump solution, we ensure our customers achieve maximum payload. The stainless steel STP liquid pump is designed for chemical, feed and food applications.;


Tank Storage Pumps

Our SSP stationery pump range is designed to provide our customers with technically engineered solutions that are specific to their application. Our tank storage pumps are built to accommodate smooth handling of high and low viscous products in mind, making them ideal for shear sensitive products such as; creams, yoghurts, gels and emulsions. Throughout our SSP portfolio we offer a flexible range of configurations, with multiple port types and drive options.


New Twin Screw Pumps

Designed for process flexibility, our new Twin Screw Pump is built on a robust, reliable platform that meets stringent hygienic standards. It is capable of handling both product transfer and Cleaning-in-Place (CIP). Its low pulsation characteristics and excellent solids handling capability reduce the risk of product damage, thereby improving product quality. Maintenance is simplified and process uptime increased.


Automotive Gear Liquid Pumps

Our SSP M-series pumps have been specifically designed for low volume filling applications, including: chemical, food, and pharmaceutical. The stainless steel pump design allows for easy cleaning and fast servicing, guaranteeing maximum uptime. Where pre-defined volumes of product need to be pumped, our compact build ensures a greater degree of flow rate control for specific liquid quantities.


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