Electric Truck Compressor Packages

For Trucks and Other Commercial HGVs

Gardner Denver is recognised as a leading provider of pneumatic solutions for trucks and other commercial HGVs. The business works alongside customers to develop configurable electric truck compressor packages that save on space and weight, while also minimising downtime.

Compact & Lightweight

Low Noise Pollution

Minimal Maintenance

IP Rating

Gardner Denver’s electric truck compressors have been developed to adapt to changing market needs but are guided by a proven ‘reliable by design’ principle. The company works closely with customers to understand their challenges and provide compressed air solutions that are best matched to today’s requirements. These efforts are especially important in a time when many operators are migrating to hybrid, fully electric and alternative fuels like hydrogen.

The TX series offers many benefits for businesses running a fleet of trucks. All air compressor packages are compact, allowing for easy integration on different parts of a vehicle’s chassis. They also make use of high-quality materials that keep weight to an absolute minimum. This is ideal for hauling businesses where every kilogram saved offers an opportunity to transport more goods.

Rotary vane technology emits low levels of noise, with a real-world output at 69 dB (A) and below. Air provided is also pulsation free, meaning there is minimal vibration generated. These capabilities make Gardner Denver an ideal partner for 24-hour city applications, such as early morning refuse collection.

electric truck compressor packages

Gardner Denver aims to minimise the need for maintenance with all of its products – the TX series is no different. TX compressors have very few moving parts, with air being generated via a single rotating shaft equipped with vanes. This eliminates the wear and tear associated with other less-efficient designs and limits the chances of costly service interruptions.

As with all Gardner Denver products, electric truck compressors can be modified to suit specific requirements. The company has worked alongside in-house teams to design and deliver air solutions that cater to the unique demands found in the commercial truck market. This includes upgrading older vehicles for fully electric operation.

Our Electric Truck Compressor Packages

electric truck compressor installation


Our electric truck compressors are perfect for the electrified drive systems used in trucks and other commercial HGVs.
TX02 electric vehicle compressor

TX02 Electric
Vehicle Compressor

Compact e compressor with variable flow rate. The TX02 is the ideal package for operators of electric truck and buses.