e-Mobility Applications

Electric Vehicle Compressors

Gardner Denver’s electric vehicle compressors are perfectly matched for electrified drive systems. The business applies an in-depth knowledge of pneumatic technology and an understanding of customer needs to deliver commercial packages of the highest quality.

Compressed air is key to the safe and reliable operation of critical applications on most commercial vehicles. However, hybrid and fully electric vehicles now demand far more of their ancillary systems when compared to traditional diesel drivetrains. There is also a new generation of vehicles using alternative fuels, like hydrogen fuel cells, to lower energy consumption and emissions while still meeting an increase in demand.

These changes are challenging traditional air technology once considered ‘industry standard’. Recognising this change, Gardner Denver has reimagined its compressor design to help customers on their journey to zero emissions without compromising on performance.


Packages as Low as 35kg


Simple Integration

Our e-Mobility Applications

Gardner Denver’s packages are developed to meet specific needs. We work closely with customers to determine their air requirements and understand the environment in which a compressor will be used. This knowledge is then used to design, develop and deliver a package that easily integrates on a vehicle’s chassis.

The TX and TV series are very versatile, being able to rise to virtually any challenge in the field. TX air compressor packages can accommodate everything from small trucks to trolleybuses, while the TV series is typically deployed wherever there is a high air demand.

bus air compressor

Electric Bus & Coach Compressor Packages

Gardner Denver has worked with some of the biggest vehicle manufacturers to design coach and bus air compressor packages.

electric truck compressor

Electric Truck
Compressor Packages

Our customer developed configurable electric truck compressor packages save on space and weight, while also minimising downtime.

electric rail compressor

Electric Rail
Compressor Packages

We've focused on designing, developing and delivering rail compressor packages that are not only highly reliable but also built to last.

electric vehicle compressor air braking system package

Our Electric Vehicle Compressor Packages

TX02 electric vehicle compressor

TX02 Electric Vehicle Compressor

Compact e compressor with variable flow rate. The TX02 is the ideal package for operators of electric truck and buses.
TV01 electric vehicle compressor

TV01 Electric Vehicle Compressor

The TV01 electric compressor package is suited to vehicles with low air demand, such as small city buses and trucks.
TV04 electric vehicle compressor

TV04 Electric Vehicle Compressor

The TV04 electric compressor package is ideal for high air demand applications, such as trams and light rail networks.
electric vehicle compressor installation

Service Capabilities

Gardner Denver’s electric vehicle compressors typically require just one service a year, allowing a fleet to spend more time in operation. Rotary vane compressors have very few moving parts and are easily maintained, meaning there is a much lower chance of mechanical failure when compared to competing designs.

Our customers are supported by a network of service centres and engineers who are on hand to get your vehicles back up and running. We also keep spare parts nearby to minimise interruptions to service. ‘We keep you moving’ is not just a strapline but our promise to you. To find out more about Gardner Denver Transport’s aftermarket portfolio, including our service kits, recommended maintenance intervals and localised support network, view our aftermarket capabilities homepage.