Tamrotor OEM compressors keep your business rotating 

Wide product selection from air ends to compact compressor packages

Whatever is your application, Tamrotor is your answer.

Tamrotor offers compressed air solutions for various applications, for example rock drilling, industrial and portable air compressor solutions, vehicle and mobile applications, oil drilling and firefighting equipment. Tamrotor brings together the complete OEM competencies into one brand, to offer our customers a wide range of compression technologies to suit a multitude of applications.

Based in Finland, we have been designing and developing bespoke solutions to meet the demands of industry for over 50 years. So today, our customers don’t only get the benefit of our state-of-the art manufacturing techniques or our extensive product portfolio. They can also rely on the expertise of our staff. We believe our people are one of our most important assets, helping us to bring you market-leading efficiencies and the latest innovation that modern industry demands.