Natural Gas Reciprocating Compressor - LRG9-DP Series
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LRG9-DP Series Reciprocating Gas Compressor

LeROI provides world-class gas compression solutions to the chemical/petrochemical, oil and natural gas, and industrial and process industries. The LeROI LRG9-DP non-lubricated, natural gas reciprocating compressors are very cost-effective for handling gas in field gathering, vapor recovery, gas to pipeline sales and a wide range of other applications requiring up to 1500 PSIG (103.4 BARG).


The LRG9-DP compressor comes with a true distance piece and packing case with a 3-seal design standard. The reciprocating natural gas compressor is available in a 35 (26 KW) and 55 HP (41 KW) frame with non-lubricated cylinders. 

The LeROI LRG9 doesn’t restrict you to fixed cylinder configurations. We offer 12 cylinder sizes from 1.50” (38.1 mm) to 8.50” (215.9 mm) for unmatched flexibility in a belt-driven compressor.


  • Brake HP - 55 Max. (41 KW)
  • Flow Range (MSCFD) - 1,000 Max (19.62 M3/min) @ STD Inlet Conditions
  • Inlet Pressure - Vacuum to 1,200 PSIB Max. (82.7 BARG)
  • Discharge Pressure - 1,500 PSID (103.4 BARG) MAOP 
  • Speed Range - 560 - 1,200 RPM's
  • Rod Loads - 6,000 LBS. Max. (26,688 N)
  • Rotation - CW or CCW
  • Frame Lubrication - Pump with Spin-on Filter
  • Cylinders - Non lubricated
  • Suction Valve un-loaders available upon request.


The LRG9-DP can be configured as a single stage compressor with 1, 2, or 3 cylinders, 2-stage compressor with 2 or 3 cylinders and a 3-stage with 3-cylinders. There are two standard packing case designs available Vac-100 PSIG (6.89 BARG) cylinder flange suction pressure and a 50 (3.45 BARG) to 800 PSIG (55.1 BARG) cylinder flange suction pressure.

The valves and piston rings are Hoerbiger designs. The piston rings are a two-piece design and the valves are non-metallic and tailored to optimize valve life and performance based on customer supplied conditions. The cylinder heads include two 1/2" FNPT ports for temperature and or pressure measurements.

The cylinder heads include two discharge ports and are reversible for packaging flexibility. The compressor can be configured for future cylinder additions or fixed reduce cylinder number designs.

The LRG9-DP is non-lubricated and ideal for wet gas streams and eliminates the need for a crankcase oil make-up system. The lube oil system comes with a spin-on filter and doesn’t require additional cooling.