Truck hydraulics are a critical consideration for any vehicle operator. Gardner Denver have spent decades of innovation perfecting our truck hydraulic drive systems to guarantee that we provide the maximum flexibility for your operations.

Gardner Denver’s high level of expertise and knowledge in the transport sector puts us in a position to support your business with our wide offering of a range of hydraulic products and systems. As part of our services, we even offer custom tailoring, ensuring the system operates for the unique requirements of your industry and application.

truck hydraulics system installation

A hydraulic oil cooler system is often the chosen solution when fleet flexibility and multipurpose operations are at the forefront of your company business model.

Among the various applications for these truck systems includes hydraulically driven truck mounted blowers, compressors, or pumps. Plus, walking floor trailers which can be coupled with our oil coolers.

Cryogenic tanker electronic control systems

Hydraulic Oil Coolers

Our hydraulic oil coolers are configured for use with LPG, cryogenic, aviation fuel, as well as certain walking floor applications.
Cryogenic tanker hydraulic oil coolers

HK3 Hydraulic Oil Coolers

The HK3 combines the oil reservoir, oil filter, control and equipment required in a hydraulic system within one assembly.
hydraulic oil coolers mh-c2

MH Hydraulic Oil Coolers

The MH Series are ideal for applications where higher performance and greater heat dissipation are required.

Innovative mobile drive and control systems can give you the most cost-efficient use of the equipment and limited space available on trucks. Understanding the market, vehicles and applications is crucial and we offer you our long experience in the manufacture, installation, drive, and control of equipment to give your company the advantageous position.

Gardner Denver Transport Solutions pride ourselves on our ability to design and install various types of truck hydraulic product and systems, from hydraulically driven truck mounted compressors, blowers, and pumps, to standard tractor hydraulic kits and complete tipping wet kits, all of which can be customised to suit any configuration of tractor unit.

Having a standard tractor hydraulic kit fitted to your tractor unit, in combination with our gears or piston pumps and one of our Hydrapak oil coolers, means your tractor unit will gain the flexibility to operate on any number of applications across numerous industries, helping your business stay in demand all year round.

HK3 truck hydraulic oil cooler

Hydraulic ‘wet kits’ used for tipping trailers are installed by all of our service and installation centres with numerous options and bespoke solutions available including hydraulic piston, gear pumps, and bespoke truck hydraulic oil tanks.

Fitting one of our oil coolers to your truck hydraulic system helps to reduce the weight of the system and also requires much less space than a traditional hydraulic oil tank, thanks to the clever and efficient design. This can also increase your vehicle payload by as much as 200-300kg which in turn increases the efficiency of your business, saving you money with every delivery.

Our Truck Hydraulics & Controls Industries

animal feed truck hydraulics


We offer a range of truck hydraulics for hydraulically driven blowers and compressors used for animal feed discharge installations.
bulk chemical truck hydraulics


All of our dry and liquid bulk compressors are available in hydraulic drive configurations along with our range of hydraulic oil coolers.
bulk cement truck hydraulics

Construction Materials

Used in conjunction with our hydraulically driven dry bulk compressors, our truck hydraulics support construction applications such as bulk cement.
cryogenic truck hydraulics

Cryogenic Tanker Systems

Our hydraulic oil coolers with specific cryogenic tanker models are available with enhanced safety sensors for increased operator assurance.
food and beverage transport truck hydraulics

Food and

Our food grade bulk compressors can be configured for hydraulic drive with installations complimented by our range of hydraulic oil coolers.
milk collection systems truck hydraulics


Alongside our OptiLoad milk collection system, solutions can also be specified with our hydraulic oil coolers to optimise performance.
waste collection truck hydraulics


Along with our hydraulically driven waste vacuum pumps, we offer truck hydraulics to assist in your waste collection operations.
walking floor systems truck hydraulics


Typical walking floor trailer systems operate at around 225 Bar, making our truck hydraulics ideal for meeting the demands of most walking floor systems.