TLL Syringes for Liquid Diluter/Dispenser

  • Force
  • Eject the sample carefully, forceful ejection can damage the plunger seal.
  • Precision
  • Do not dose volumes smaller than 10% of the total syringe volume (no less than 10µl with an 100µl syringe).
  • Carry-Over
  • Perform cleaning procedures often. However, some of the substances will always remain in the needle.
  • Ease of movement
  • Reduce the force necessary for movement by heating or cooling, as shown in the video tutorial on our website.
  • Drawing up
  • Do not draw up the syringe too quickly.
    Draw the syringe slowly or use a needle with bigger I.D.
    Adjust the autosampler cycle for best results.
  • Releasing air bubbles
  • Quick injection moves the air bubbles. Overfill the syringe, turn it upside down (needle up), allow the bubbles to move upwards and then eject.