Garo completed SAP transition

Garo is a reliable business partner, focused on constant search for improvement, and it demonstrated all this during the recent SAP transition. Over the last months, Garo and Gardner Denver employees with the help of Ernst & Young consultants have worked hard to accomplish the implementation of the new SAP system. Now, the transition process is complete and since the Go-Live in the early days of June, the system has started working at full power.

While challenging, the launch of SAP was a period of solid achievements for Gardner Denver Garo. It is essential to highlight that the change to SAP represents a fresh start and renewal, which will boost all with more energy. Day by day Garo is improving its business processes and aligning with Gardner Denver’s global business philosophy and structures.

SAP pic_ita_original logo

A special day to celebrate a special team: the SAP Super-Users

A team of Garo employees were selected to become SAP Super Users. With the help of consultants, the Super Users were involved in the organization and launch of the new system and processes. The team was also responsible for the system launch and training of all team members.

In recognition to their daily basis efforts, the team of SAP super users received a special reward: a day as pit stop crew in Maranello at the Ferrari Museum. This incredible team-building experience was thought to bring them closer and to repay their commitment in the SAP implementation.

Arrived to the Museum the team discovered the extraordinary history of the Prancing Horse; a world made of engines and people, victories and defeats, passion and excitement. This reality is not so distant from our company. Garo and Ferrari have many things in common; they are both Italian based companies born from the minds of two great entrepreneurs, who were able to specialize and create unique products. Two great companies with over 70 years of experience.

During the pit crew experience, the Super Users put the mechanic overalls on and played the role divided in teams. Around the racing car, they were all ready to set their time records. Hopping on a little bus they were finally guided through the Fiorano Circuit and the Ferrari workshop; a special journey through the heart of Ferrari.

A special evening to celebrate officially the passage to SAP

To conclude the SAP activities, all employees were invited to dinner to celebrate officially the passage to SAP. During this time, the management took the chance to thank all for efforts and to declare officially the system in operation. This was a moment of relax after having worked hard to define rules and procedures, to reorganize the daily activities and to help all understanding the change.

From this period, Garo learned a lot: how to stimulate employees to give the maximum, how to face challenging situations and how to manage the changing. This was an important lesson, which will help Garo to evolve and grow more and more. The synergetic and hard work, which all departments carried out daily, is the major point of strength of the company: passion, dedication and enthusiasm – this is Garo.