Marine and Offshore Applications

In an offshore environment you rely on your compressed gas systems - with our unparalleled system reliability and maintainability, your business will reach new horizons with Wittig.

A combination of unique design features and engineering refinement delivers real advantages for customers – including reduced energy consumption, increased uptime, lower total cost, and the sheer reliability of gas delivery, when the pressure is on.

This video below, shows an important Wittig compressor application - to process Boil Off Gas, when ships get near to a coastline.

Solutions you can rely on!

For many decades Wittig has designed and manufactured an impressive range of high performance, long lasting and reliable vacuum pumps and compressors for both air and gas applications, making Wittig products the first choice where reliability and efficiency are critical requirements.  

Based on many years of experience in a wide variety of applications, we have now designed and launched our BOG compressors for marine applications. With these compressors, international shipping is entering a new era of environmentally friendly drive technology through LNG systems. Having already proven their abilities, the Wittig BOG compressors are part of the world's first LNG driven cruise ship, transporting thousands of passengers across the oceans day after day.

Wittig-X-RO60G gas compressor
Wittig ROW60 G for Marine Applications

Marine & offshore applications

  LNG/BOG engine systems

  LNG tankers

  FPSO/VOC recovers

    •  Gas handling