Liquids are transported all over the world as fuel, food, waste, chemicals or for use in other processes. Years of experience working with you in this market means that we closely understand your requirements and developed our products to give you the greatest benefits.

Gardner Denver Transport manufactures an extensive range of tank-truck equipment to collect or deliver your liquids from road tankers at the fastest rates.

Utilising a broad range of technologies, we manufacture blowers, compressors, vacuum pumps and cargo pumps to complete all your tasks in the shortest time, consuming the least amount of fuel.

Delivery Types:

Compressor Delivery

Using compressed air to pressure-discharge your liquids from road tankers is most efficient, economical delivery method, reducing labour and fuel costs.

Gardner Denver Drum offers you the leading compressor designs in this market using vane and screw technology to give you the flexibility and range of discharge performances for maximum delivery and minimum fleet costs in any application.

Why use a compressor to discharge liquids?

  • Fastest discharge method – improved fleet utilisation, lower running costs
  • Low, easy maintenance – reduced operating costs
  • Compressor not in contact/affected by the liquid – more versatile and flexible tanker fleet, less hardware in the car park
  • The Drum compressor range gives you more benefits!
  • High efficiency air-cooled vane designs, consistent flows maintained over time means consistently high discharge rates.
  • Contactless rotary screw designs, low maintenance and service costs, consistent flows maintained, no wearing parts in the compression bore.

Vacuum Pumps

By evacuating the air from a tank, sewage, gulley blockages and other liquids can be drawn inside.

The range of Wittig and Robuschi technologies and designs give you the widest range of high efficiency vacuum pumps/exhausters on the market. This flexible range with our advice gives you the big advantage of selecting the most reliable and fastest method of collecting and discharging liquids from your road tanker to minimise fuel and labour costs.

Select your machine!

  • High efficiency air-cooled vane designs, consistent flows maintained at deep vacuums
  • Quiet, efficient, low temperature, water-cooled vane designs, high vacuums and consistent flows achievable on vacuum/jetting tanks
  • Ultra-quiet liquid ring designs, high flows, low temperatures, fast loading, excellent solution for the most versatile vacuum/jetting tankers
  • Medium and high-flow vacuum blowers for wet or dry applications to maximise collection rates in difficult or demanding conditions

Cargo Pumps

Cargo pumps can provide the necessary flexibility to deliver and collect liquids from road tankers and tankcontainers where legislation or the nature of the products demand alternative means than using compressed air.

Many years of producing and selling pumps mean that we have a lot of experience to be able to discuss your application and specify/configure pumps with appropriate drive systems to give you the most effective results.

We can offer you a wide range of cargo pumps to suit many different liquids and requirements including:

  • Cast iron, helical gear pumps for general application
  • Cast iron, tri-lobe pumps for hydrocarbon type applications
  • Stainless steel, rotary lobe pumps for foodstuff or chemical application
  • Cast iron or stainless steel vane pumps for chemical application

Stationery Pumps

With SSP we have the widest range of stainless steel rotary lobe pumps available for you. These fulfil a wide range of application requirements throughout the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other related industries.The smooth, low shear pumping action of the SSP pumps is ideal for delicate media and where organic solids in suspension, creams, froths, gels, emulsions and mixtures are to be pumped.

The right pump is the one you can virtually forget about once it’s installed.

In specifying a rotary lobe pump for a particular application, a crucial consideration is an understanding of how the pumped media will behave in the pump, connecting pipe work and associated equipment. SSP's on-site laboratory is equipped with a computerised rheometer to be able to determine a fluids viscous behaviour. This service to you is invaluable to give you the best pump advice.

Whatever it is you need to pump, wherever you are in the world, we will deliver, right first time, every time.


  • High efficiency, low energy consumption, compact size, robust construction
  • Smooth flow, reversible operation, low shear pumping, minimal pumped media agitation
  • Multiple seal options – wide range of applications possible
  • Easy maintenance, low operational cost