What you should know about pumps in Inkjet Printing Systems

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Features of diaphragm liquid pumps

  • High efficiency
  • Smooth, continuous liquid flow with minimized pulses
  • Bubble-free transfer of media
  • Excellent reliability and durability even with corrosive and abrasive media
  • Flexible design for customized solutions

Diaphragm liquid pumps – things to consider

Which criteria are important for choosing a diaphragm liquid pump? An important aspect is the versatility and long maintenance-free life. Diaphragm liquid pumps are suitable for transferring a wide range of fluids. Also aspiration of fluids is a frequent operation mode for diaphragm liquid pumps. The third use case is pumping fluids against high system pressure. Therefore diaphragm liquid pumps are remarkably robust and offer long-term compatibility with superior resistance to chemical or mechanical stress.


Diaphragm liquid pump are the choice for moving demanding fluids gently without any system downtime.

Many high tech devices in various industries rely on diaphragm liquid pumps for controlling the movement of fluids in order to ensure maximum efficiency, reliability and accuracy of the device.

This is the reason why market leading device manufacturers in many industries choose Thomas diaphragm liquid pumps. Our extensive R&D efforts and innovations have made us one of the leading suppliers of diaphragm liquid pumps.

Our pump series 6410 has elevated the status-quo for diaphragm liquid pumps with its’ unprecedented efficiency and robustness that is backed by extensive reliability data. Continuous improvements of the design especially on the diaphragm have led to this pump series that excels due to its superior chemical resistance and robustness.

Are you aware of the extensive Thomas diaphragm liquid pump portfolio? It covers flow ranges from 180 ml/min to more than 1,800 ml/min and operating pressures up to 6 bar.