Smurfit Kappa Cali PM4, Tail threading rebuild project has started up extremely well

smurfit kappa cali team in columbia 

Smurfit Kappa Cali PM4, Columbia. The delivery includes TailBlade M units for the pre- and post-dryers and the ropeless Clupak area.

Cali PM4 makes both sack paper and linerboard, so it was necessary to implement a solution to bypass the Clupak process. Now the operator can select the tail threading path from a switch, making the transfer from sack to liner very quickly. Previously, this required a longer machine stop and re-routing the ropes.

The average threading time per sheet break has dropped by 35%. Earlier, the mill lost Clupak ropes 3 to 4 times per month, which caused additional downtime and lost production.

This challenging project has fulfilled all the targets set for it, and the customer is very pleased with the results. The customer has already placed another order to rebuild the tail threading in the reel area.

At the same time as this rebuild, Runtech delivered a new save-all for the PU roll and Ecoflow measurements for the press section. The customer has reported lower steam consumption on the dryer section thanks to the improved doctoring.