LongLife Oil for Lobe Blowers, Screw Blowers and Low Pressure Screw Compressors

Synthetic Screw and Lobe Oil
Genuine Oil. Genuine Performance.



LongLife by Robuschi is a complete range of lubricants, created to fulfill the high demanding requirements of lobe and screw blowers.

We know that both lobe and screw blowers need to operate in difficult and sometimes extreme conditions. When high or very low temperatures and even pressure oscillation are a factor, using the proper oil can prevent failures, improve high temperature resistance and reduce oxidation.

Our decades of experience in low-pressure market led to arrange this blend of fully-synthetic oils with excellent wear protection, good ageing stability to protect your investments and keep you productive.

Robuschi Blower Oil

Features and Benefits:

• High viscosity index grants wide temperature range of operation
• Excellent oxidative stability assures longer service life
• Excellent rust and corrosion resistance protect the internal blower components
• Low foaming tendency improves performance
• Good demulsibility helps the equipment protection in case of reduced product maintenance
• High quality oil grants extended drain intervals, with the environmental benefit of less used oil waste generated

Check by yourself the entire range available and the best one fits your needs!

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