Blower Repair Service

Repairs. Refurbishment. Overhaul.

Are you looking for a partner with decades of experience who would maintain and repair your blowers?

A partner who would keep a close eye on your positive displacement blowers? If so, choose Robuschi’s blower repair service.

Our blower repair service offers you a complete overhaul, as well as a regular or premium maintenance for your positive displacement blower.

We offer complete workshop and on-site repair services, depending on what is the best option for you.


On-site and Workshop Blower Repair

Whether you use our on-site service or our service center located at the plant, we guarantee a safe return of your equipment to full operation following the strictest standards, including:

-          12 Month Warranty
-          Rebuilt to factory tolerances with original parts
-          Mechanically tested prior to shipment


Blower Repair Service | Robuschi
Blower Repair Service | Robuschi

Blower Repair Service Minimizes Production Downtime

If a positive displacement blower breaks down, it is often essential to get it up and running again fast. At Robuschi, we are blower manufacturers, so we know how they function, and we can help you with any repair needed in a very short time.

Customized Service Agreement for your Blowers

Our Engineers are able to arrange a customized service agreement. For a fixed price, we can provide the exact services you need to stay on top of your equipment’s status at all times.
You can benefit from reduced energy consumption, increased comfort and unsurpassed operational reliability.


Spare Parts

Robuschi spare parts are high-quality components that enable you to optimize system performance and minimize downtime due to unforeseen breakdowns.

Our components are designed to fit exactly in the product as intended, and made from the highest quality materials. We provide a 12 month warranty to give you the peace of mind you need for your investment.


Blower Repair Service | Robuschi
Blower Repair Service | Robuschi

Service Kits

Being prepared means more uptime. For this reason, service kits are the best solution to perform preventative maintenance and repair on your positive displacement blowers.

We offer a wide range of service kits, depending on the positive displacement blower’s size, specific application requirements, or scheduled annual maintenance.  You can stock up on spare parts in the way that best suits your system requirements.


Extend your equipment life with Robuschi upgrades and retrofits!

Join our “Airend Exchange Program” and swap-out your old lobe blower for a new one at a reduced price and get back to 100% performance. Maintain your plant’s performance without a big investment. Don’t forget that the Lobe Blower Airend Exchange program is also available for non-Robuschi airends

Blower Repair Service | Robuschi

Are you looking for a temporary solution for your plant?

Rent a positive displacement blower from our outstanding fleet to get maximum flexibility and peace of mind.
Do you need a quick answer to avoid production downtime? If so, trust our rental fleet.
Whether you need the machines for a short term or longer, we offer positive displacement blowers for rent!
Robuschi blower repair service offers a variety of options designed to give you peace of mind
Do you need more information or a customized solution? Get in touch with us