Replace your existing NASH unit with an identical, CERTIFIEDTM re-manufactured unit for a fraction of the cost.

Whether you are swapping out an existing unit, or need an additional unit for your expanding operations, our certified re-manufactured units provide the performance you expect with a lower price point than a new model. 

What You Get With NASH CERTIFIEDTM Re-manufactured Units: 

  • Guaranteed Performance - Our re-manufactured units perform at 95% of new unit performance*
  • Certified Warranty - 2-year factory warranty
  • Certified Parts - New bearings, packing, and gaskets
  • Reduced Downtime - Many swap-out units available


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Emergency Exchange & Swap-Out Program

We keep over 60 units in 26 different models and configurations available for immediate exchange. These are available for your use to keep your critical systems running while we return your equipment to working order. Our emergency swap-out units are shipped within 24 hours. 

For less common models that are not immediately available, we offer a Swap-Out Program. Contact your local Nash sales or service center for estimated lead time on a swap-out unit for your specific model.



Any repair. Any service center. Ship your unit to your closest NASH Certified Service center for evaluation and repair. You can trust that your unit will be returned to working order, original design and specs using the latest upgrades in certified parts. Every repair comes with a certified performance guarantee and the manufacturer's warranty.  


Replacement Unit

If your unit is not repairable, does not contain some of the newer energy-saving features, is not available as a swap-out or exchange unit and/or the repair price approaches the price of a new unit, we can outline your options for a new product. We will take into consideration your entire process and what unit would best fit your needs. Our most popular units are available for shipment within 24-48 hours.

Nash Refurbished Pump

NASH CERTIFIEDTM Re-manufactured Units

Backed by over 110 years of liquid ring expertise, we will recondition your unit to optimum efficiency and performance. Our certified re-manufactured pumps look and perform like new, providing quality and reliability at a lower price.

Need re-manufactured units that perform? You need Nash.

NASH CERTIFIED™ Unit Exchange (UX) Program

We pride ourselves on delivering units with the longest lifespan and most reliable performance. Every unit has an endpoint, so we are here to help you with our NASH CERTIFIEDTM Unit Exchange (UX) Program.

If your current unit is losing performance, needs repairs or you simply want to replace it, you can exchange it, and receive an identical new or refurbished unit for a fraction of the price.

Our certified refurbished units are rebuilt to our exacting, OEM standards. Each performs at 95% of a new unit*, and we back them up with a 2-year factory warranty. No other pump manufacturer offers this kind of guarantee because we are confident you will never need it. 

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Need to exchange your unit for a new or refurbished unit? You need Nash. Smarter Works Harder. To learn more about our NASH CERTIFIEDTM UX Program, or to request a quote, contact a Nash sales representative.


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*Our re-manufactured units are guaranteed to perform at 95% of new unit performance according to HEI standards