Coal bed methane (CBM) is an emerging source of clean energy. Extracting the coal bed methane allows mining at greater depths while improving safety and providing high mining output. Our product line, which encompasses both pumps and blowers, are ideal for coal bed methane recovery.  

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Solutions For Coal Bed Methane Recovery

What Is Coal Bed Methane Recovery?

CBM can cause many underground mining disasters and is emerging as a source of clean energy. CBM extraction allows miners to mine at greater depths and allows mining companies to achieve better safety and higher output. There is also a possibility of extracting the methane from abandoned coal mines, getting more product for the mine’s owners and more “clean energy” for the population to use.

Coal bed methane, also called coalbed gas, is a form of natural gas, which has no color or smell and burns cleanly. CBM in the mine is in a near-liquid state, lining the inside of pores within the coal.

The gas is mainly methane, with trace amounts of ethane, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and a few other gases. The CBM content of the coalbed increases with depth, the rank of the coal, and the reservoir pressure.

Extracting The Gas

There are small, natural fractures, called cleats, within coal seams. These are often filled with water. To extract the coal bed methane, a steel-encased hole is drilled vertically or horizontally into the coal seam. The metal casing is surrounded by cement. The pipe and cement are perforated in the coalbed area so that gas and water can flow into the well. A water pump pulls water out of the coal seam, reducing the pressure and allowing the methane molecules to detach from the coal and flow into the wellbore and up to the methane pipeline. 

Our Blowers

Models to 42,000 CFM

HOFFMAN & LAMSON multistage centrifugal blower/exhauster models cover a broad performance range to meet your needs. Each base model presents its unique performance characteristics and design features.

Size & Performance To Fit Your Application

With 22 models to choose from and the ability to specify a variety of manufacturing options, you can rest assured that the blower or exhauster you order will deliver the performance you expect. In addition to the base models available, customers can choose from a variety of design options such as special coatings, alternative component materials, oil or grease lubrication, special seals, drive couplings, and power sources. The HOFFMAN & LAMSON blower/exhauster you specify is then manufactured according to your unique application requirements.

Multiple Drive Options

Our blowers and exhausters may be direct driven, V-belt driven or gearbox driven with an electric motor. Alternative drivers include steam turbines, diesel engines, gasoline engines, and liquid petroleum or methane gas engines. Also available is the Next Generation Controls (NGC) variable frequency drive system.

The NGC system automatically adjusts airflow output to match the actual airflow demand. The blower/exhauster power requirement adjusts automatically resulting in energy savings. Your Hoffman and Lamson representative can work with you to determine the best drive option and configuration to match your application.

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Hoffman & Lamson is recognized around the world as a leading global provider of blower & exhauster solutions for general industrial applications. 

For over a century, our customers have trusted the quality performance that our industrial air or gas blowers provide.  Our priority continues to be unparalleled responsiveness to meeting our customer’s needs. Our unwavering commitment to engineering innovative product designs and quality manufacturing is evident with over 100,000 multistage centrifugal blowers/exhausters installed worldwide.

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Hoffman & Lamson has a strong reputation as a global leader of engineered solutions and producing premier quality products efficiently and economically. Trust Hoffman & Lamson for the quality, reliability, and performance you expect and your operation demands.

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