Two Feed Mills - One Solution.

Hoffman & Lamson Engineered Vacuum Systems.

The Challenge:

The process of manufacturing feed and the raw materials involved make feed mills susceptible to dust explosion. As the combustible dust settles and collects in the mill, the explosion risks rise. To reduce risk and remove dust, mills rely on centralized vacuum systems that are capable of collecting the finely milled dust from all manufacturing areas.

Mercer Landmark, a small town feed mill operating in the Midwest recognized the need for a dust collection system at their two feed mills. To maintain a clean facility and mitigate the risk of combustion, Mercer Landmark called on Hoffman & Lamson for an engineered vacuum system. Their mills operate out of buildings with wooden floors and had not had a dust collection system previously, adding to the challenge. The Hoffman & Lamson system would need to provide vacuum to all four levels of the mill, and be capable of keeping the mill dust free.

The Solution: Hoffman & Lamson Engineered Vacuum Systems

The Hoffman & Lamson solution included a Mac Separator, with a Rotary Airlock underneath, as allowed by NFPA. The tank of the system was strengthened to 1 Bar(g). An explosion relief vent was added in a safe location on the separator as not to interfere with the elements, and so if a fire or explosion were to occur, the vent would safely allow the flame to exit outside. Increasing the vacuum strength of the unit to 17inHg and upgrading the timer to a NEMA 4 version were both important to ensure the system was running at its full potential.

To accommodate the system, Mercer Landmark added compressed air, and three phase power to their facilities to run the state of the art dust collection system. Since installing the system in 2014, the Mercer Landmark feed mills are cleaner and safer.

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