PET Bottle Blowing - Every Detail Matters

Belliss & Morcom has been a trusted partner in the PET bottle blowing industry since 1978. In fact, the very first machine we supplied continues to run today. 

Building on over 150 years of innovation, every Belliss & Morcom compressor is engineered from the ground up, to deliver outstanding levels of efficiency, quality and performance, specifically for PET.

PET Bottle Blowing

A combination of unique design features and engineering refinement delivers to real advantages for customers – including reduced energy consumption, increased uptime, lower total cost, and the sheer reliability of air delivery, when the pressure is on.

Every One Percent Matters

In PET bottle blowing, success depends on fine margins, which is why machine efficiency matters. The unique Belliss & Morcom shaftless motor offers 100% drive efficiency to deliver the lowest system running costs in the industry. 

The smallest issues in the transfer of power from the compressor motor can result in significant energy loss, and serious financial impact. In fact, belt drive system inefficiencies can add up to 12% to energy bills. That is the reason why every Belliss & Morcom PET compressor is specified with a shaftless motor as standard.

As a result, 100% of the motor’s output power is transferred directly into the compressor’s running gear, with zero degradation over the lifetime of the equipment. So you start by saving, and you continue saving, year after year.


Belliss and Morcom PET compressor
Shaftless Motors can save you over £50,000 a year - Find out how more on our Product Page.

Features & Benefits

  • High efficiency water cooled motor
  • Unique W design
  • Variable speed drives
  • Air & heat recovery
  • Reduced wear & increased access
  • Air PET intelligent control systems




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