Vacuum unit for refinement of vegetable oils and fats

Since long time food industry has been looking for solutions, which are high performant and respectful of the environment. Traditionally in vegetable oil refinement production, steam ejectors were used to reach the vacuum level, with huge water consumption and generating fluctuations and instability in the system. Gieffe Systems specialists have replaced this type of equipment in an Italian vegetable oil palm refinement process with a leading solution, consisting of a three-stage vacuum system equipped with screw pumps and PD blower in series, able to achieve up to 1,5 mbar(a) and a maximum capacity of 45.000 m³/h.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Energy saving
  • Vacuum increase
  • Environmentally sustainable system


  • Eulip SpA- Parma (PR) - Italy
  • Food industry


  • Refinement


  • Replacement of steam ejectors


  • Inlet pressure up to 1,5 mbara
  • Capacity up to 45000 m3/h


  • Three stage vacuum system composed of screw pumps and roots in series