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BDM/SDM/TDM Series Mechanical Drain


Gardner Denver pneumatically operated condensate drains are designed to ensure that manufacturing processes and products do not become contaminated by ensuring that liquid oil and water condensates are discharged from the compressed air stream. The SMD-TMD-BMD Series features a no air-loss actuated design which operates on demand. The discharge port closes before any compressed air is lost. Air powered pistons are used for positive opening and closing of discharge port. 



  • Maximum Working Pressure: 175 PSIG
  • Maximum Operating Temperature 120°F
  • Economical drain for light to medium duty service
  • No air loss level actuated design — operates on demand
  • Discharge rates of .04 (20cc) per operation (0.3gal/hr - 1.2 liter/hr)
  • Built-in stainless steel screen protects discharge port from clogging


  • Maximum Working Pressure: 500 PSIG (depending on unit, see literature)
  • Maximum operating Temperature: 150°F
  • Discharge rates of 3-24 gallons/hour
  • Rugged drain for heavy duty service and heavily contaminated condensate
  • Large discharge port prevents clogging 


  • Top or bottom inlet connections available
  • No Air-loss level acuated design operates on demand
  • Prevents the receiver tank from filling up with condensate and causing the compressor to short cycle
  • Saves on wasted compressed air created when vavles are cracked open to purge the air lines of condensate