Liquid Pumps for Bio Pharmaceutical Applications

Liquid Pumps for Biotechnology

Bio pharmaceutical processes are used for production of pharmaceuticals, foods, flavors, fuels and chemicals with the aid of a bio catalyst such as enzymes, microorganisms, plant and animal cells in a bioreactor. Bioprocessing can be segmented into upstream and downstream processing. Both upstream and downstream processing require a wide variety of liquid pumps, particularly peristaltic pumps for handling critical fluids gently and precisely.

Upstream Bioprocessing

Upstream processing is the initial stage in which microbes or cells are grown in bioreactors or fermenters and harvested. Precise handling of media, PH acids or bases and anti-foam agents is key to maintain process stability. Peristaltic pumps showcase the consistency and repeatability needed.

Downstream Bioprocessing

In downstream processing biosynthetic products are recovered or purified. The gentle action of peristaltic pumps ensures product integrity through the transfer between process steps like chromatography, perfusion, concentration and diafiltration.

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