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Did you miss our high-speed turbo blower webinar in February? Don’t make the same mistake twice. Register now for our webinar on Thursday, May 20, 2021, @ 10 AM ET, hosted by Russell Frost, Product Manager for high-speed turbo and centrifugal blowers, and learn how you can achieve up to 40% in energy savings in your wastewater treatment process. 

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Get to Know Russell

Russell Frost is from Stockton on Tees, North East of England. He has 25+ years in the Compressed Air Industry working with both Oil Free & Oil Lubricated Applications & Technologies. Russell also has 10+ Years working with High-Speed Technologies including Air Bearing & MagLev. His primary focus is on the Specification, Design, and Installation of Wastewater Treatment Aerations Systems. Russell is also the Chairman of the Low Pressure & Vacuum Committee for BCAS, in London.


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During The Webinar

Russell will discuss air bearings and how they affect high-speed turbo blowers, how to cool and filter high-speed turbo-blowers, and how vibration impacts high-speed turbo blowers. Have questions for Russell? Ask them during the webinar via live chat.

Seventy percent of aeration equipment life cycle operating costs are dedicated to energy usage and efficiency. This is why, at Hoffman & Lamson, our top priority is to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption while improving operational efficiency. 

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HOFFMAN REVOLUTION PLUS High-Speed Turbo Blower Webinar