Optimizing Aeration Blowers to Boost Conservation & Efficiency

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Friday, July 31st, 2020 | 11:00 AM ET 
Hosted By Bob Kisler, Regional Sales Manager and Keith Collins, Application Sales Engineer



High power usage, rising costs, and external pressures to boost conservation and efficiency are pushing wastewater treatment facilities to find innovative solutions to reduce power consumption and cut costs. 

Selecting the correct blower and ancillary equipment offer opportunities to reduce capital costs and energy consumption by adjusting the speed and flow rate to meet airflow demand.  Historic and standard procedures for centrifugal blower controls have been to manually throttle the inlet, via a butterfly valve. 

To move away from this traditional practice and increase blower efficiency, you can replace the modulating valve with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). In this presentation, we will compare VFD technology to show estimated energy and cost savings. Examining ancillary equipment is also required to complete new installations or retrofit existing aeration blowers to accommodate these VFD’s.

As Newnan Utilities discovered at its Wahoo Creek Facility, VFD technology can be extremely effective at reducing operating costs while boosting performance and efficiency. By utilizing advanced VFD technology, Newnan Utilities was able to adapt the speed of their blowers to the constantly fluctuating load requirements, minimizing energy consumption, while allowing the plant to maintain its level of award-winning focus on performance and environmental efficiency.

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