Reavell - Breathing New Life

Breathing air offers a lifeline when it matters most. Our compressor modules are designed to ensure reliability through integration, making Reavell the intelligent partner for your breathing air systems.

Breathing Air High Pressure Reciprocating Compressors



Groundbreaking Integrated Reliability

Reavell is a world renowned name in breathing air supply. It has developed our premium range of compressors into a truly groundbreaking range of breathing air modules, designed to ensure reliability through ease of integration, specifically for your breathing air packages.

Whether it’s our focus on ease of integration; the benefits of our revolutionary piston technology; our expertise in air and gas compression, or the service and support we deliver, you can be sure that integrating a Reavell module into your package means reliability and heritage will be built in.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that our breathing air systems are used across many different commercial and industrial settings, so wherever your end user – Reavell offers the compressor you need.

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H5437 breathing air compressor
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Primary Sectors Served

  • Fire departments
  • Rescue and recovery
  • Diving
  • Defence
  • Marine/offshore
  • Sport & leisure