Dry and Wet Chlorine Compression

GARO custom packaged solutions for the compression of chlorine offer reliable, low maintenance operations while safely handling chlorine gas

Chlorine Compression

Chlorine gas is used for a large number of applications in the chemical & petrochemical industries. GARO compressors are used to compress either dry or wet chlorine in the production process.

Sulfuric acid is typically used as seal liquid in GARO compressors used in the dry gas application, to either complete the gas drying and prevent corrosion of compressor parts eventually affected by moisture.

In the wet gas applications, water is used as liquid seals to ensure the process safety.


Benefits of Liquid Ring Compressors

The benefits of Liquid Ring Technology applied to chlorine gas compression are many:

  • Safety – The isothermal properties of the liquid ring allows Liquid Ring Compressors to operate at much lower temperatures than other technologies, lowering the risk of corrosion and damage
  • Reliability – With a single moving part, Liquid Ring Compressors exhibit less opportunity for failure and are able to handle occasional carryover of particles such as salt or organic materials
  • Affordability – Liquid Ring Compressors exhibit longer mean time between failure (MTBF) and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than competing technologies.

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