Rapid Reaction from Elmo Rietschle Vacuum System Team meets the need of new Hospital expansion in Rome

Elmo Rietschle has supplied a critical vacuum system as part of a project to build a new Covid 19 hub Hospital in centre of Rome. In cooperation with Defence Ministry and the government of the Lazio region, the region that includes the Italian capital of Rome, Celio Hospital is rapidly expanding with new buildings to cater for an additional 120 bed in a first step.

Further expansion will take the hospital up a total of 150 new beds. The new hospital building will be a point of focus for the centre of Italy in the fight against COVID 19. 

The Challenge

In collaboration with their distribution partner, Rosiglioni Impianti, Elmo Rietschle answered the Sapio Life call and completed the emergency tender to support the project.

Sapio Life, part of the Sapio Group, are the market leader for the production, marketing and distribution of technical and medicinal gases. Sapio Life are experts providing effective solutions to meet the needs in healthcare today. They requested support in the design and production of a new medical vacuum system to meet the needs of the new hospital expansion. The new vacuum system would provide suction used in surgical procedures.

The Solution

Elmo Rietschle and Rosiglioni Impianti, have a long history of supporting the medical industry in Italy. Working with Sapio Life, they were able to provide the customers with optimum medical vacuum solution from their wide range of standard or customised package options. 

The Elmo Rietschle VPK Medical Systems are known in medical market for their high reliability. The Elmo Rietschle Systems team were also able to meet the extremely short delivery times. These factors combined to help win the tender. 

Medical Systems VPK series with oil lubricated VC pumps (VPK 202.1000-3C). This triplex system has three V-VC 202 vacuum pumps mounted horizontally on top of a 1000 litre vessel. The design also feature a double bacterial filters. 

 Medical Vacuum System horizontal triplex 800 x 566

The Result

The Elmo Rietschle system team were awarded the tender and immediately started work on the emergency project. This resulted in the new medical system being built and delivered in just 3 days.


Celio Hospital Medical System Pick Up from Cormano


The ‘plug & play’ system solution is easy to move through the hospital building. This combined with a minimal footprint allowed for installation in the most appropriate space near the point of use. The system was easily and quickly connected with minimal support and time.


"We are all proud to have helped the Italian Army and Government, as well as people who are suffering in the fight against COVID 19." 

Celio Hosptial Medical System ready for delivery     Celio Hospital Medical System ready for delivery 2

Rapid reaction throughout the process, from tender to installation meant all deadline were met. All stakeholders involved in the project were very satisfied with the solution and service provided by Elmo Rietschle. 

Massimiliano De Nardo, VP Tech CEP Systems Manager said ‘We are all proud to have helped the Italian Army and Government, as well as people who are suffering in the fight against COVID 19. The commitment my team showed in working around the clock to meet such tight deadlines is testament to their spirit and commitment. We are already working on more medical vacuum systems for other hospital expansion projects.’

Phil Berridge, VP Tech CEP Product Director commented “these are very difficult and testing times and I am so pleased that our devoted and skilled systems team rose to the challenge for the good of all. They fully understand the importance of the work they do, the necessity to support the medical community. The effort required to perform with such professionalism and in very short timescales is highly commendable. This makes a huge difference in the world of medical vacuum”.