Compressed Air System Maintenance is a Highly Strategic Task

An interview to Bartlomiej Dylag, Service Manager at Gardner Denver.
  1. What does your specific role within Gardner Denver entail?
    I am responsible for the Aftermarket Department, and thus fully involved in matters related to customer aftersales service. The Aftermarket Department as a team must meet high customer demands in terms of maintaining equipment in a condition which guarantees stable supply of high quality compressed air or other media. At the same time, it is also vital to keep reasonable maintenance costs. My role is to support the team members as well as customers directly.

  2. According to your experience, what are currently the biggest challenges customers can face in equipment maintenance and aftermarket care?

  3. Currently, the biggest challenge that the people responsible for the maintenance need to face, is the choice of the right equipment service strategy. Compressed gases are one of the most important media in every industrial plant. Therefore, their management is a highly strategic task. Unexpected interruptions in supply of such media cause production downtime that generates high loss. On the one hand, the equipment maintenance should generate the least costs possible, on the other hand, it should guarantee continuity of supply of the right quality compressed media.

  4. How can these challenges be addressed?
    In order to meet the above requirements, the best command of the product as well as correct service and maintenance schedule are necessary. Only authorized service providers can ensure the above mentioned. The knowledge combined with availability of spares parts guarantee that the equipment is maintained in good condition and reaction time is as short as possible.
    Coordination of activities is currently supported by Intelligent management systems, which are able to monitor operation 24/7.

  5. What trends do you expect to drive industrial aftermarket care standards in the nearest future, and what are Gardner Denver’s plans and ambitions in this area?
    I expect that customers will transfer responsibility for maintaining their equipment to 3rd party providers. Customers expect us to maintain their machines in optimal conditions that enable continuous and uninterrupted work. Equipment monitoring plays an important role here.

  6. What would be your recommendation with respect to equipment maintenance for machine operators who look to develop and improve their business?
    First of all, I would recommend to trust and hand over the responsibility to authorized service providers, who have the best product and operational knowledge. Additionally, it would be helpful to implement intelligent support systems such as master controllers and monitoring systems. These allow to optimize energy costs and reduce possibility of downtimes by making equipment maintenance easier and more efficient.