TecnoMeta The Perfect Touch

Elmo Rietschle liquid ring pumps used in turbo-emulsionatory machines

Tecnometa, an innovation leading Italian provider of customized machines for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry uses Elmo Rietschle liquid ring pumps for the perfect touch and gloss of cosmetics such as creams, gels and emulsions.

The liquid ring pumps are installed in the fuser for fats which have the function of dissolving flakes of fats and/or waxes. They extract the air from creams giving it homogeneity, pleasantness to the touch and gloss.

he system is on load cells to ensure maximum accuracy in the measurement of the ingredients of the recipe. For the portable model the customer uses our unique solution of circuit vacuum pump 2BL2.

Tecnometa L0BV7


Our new L-BV7 liquid ring pumps are high-powered and multitalented machines which save space and up to 50 % in operating liquids. They can easily convey eight times the quantity of liquid. The monoblock construction of the L-BV7/L-BV2 far surpasses conventional modular pumps and is particularly suited for use in the plastics and medical industries.

The robustness and reliability is unparalleled in operation. The machines are available in various combinations of materials such as stainless steel, bronze, ceramic and cast iron with ceramic coating. This enables them to be tailored to the respective operating requirements and thus provides longterm resistance to erosion and corrosion. The entire L-BV range shines with quality: reinforced stainless steel shafts in the pump section and roller bearings with additional lubricant reservoir provide safe and maintenance-free operation even under heavy loads.


The L-BL2 range comprises compact plug-and-play systems for easy on-site installation. The pumps are air-cooled, 100 % oil-free and do not require additional water during operation. In addition, the vacuum pumps provide a much higher resistance to water and steam than alternative systems. Thanks to contact-free compression, they are virtually wear-free in operation and need no periodic maintenance. The patented discharge-air cooling system ensures that the pumps will not heat up by more than 15 K above room temperature. The pumps work reliably in continuous operation and are steam resistant and insensitive to condensation of the pumped air.

Pump units

Vacuum power units of the L-BL2 Split type are standardised liquid ring pump circulation systems with patented exhaust air cooling for large volume flows. A considerable amount of the water contained in the cool exhaust air condenses, remains in the system, and is thus available as operating water. As a result many applications no longer require additional operating water. Our low-maintenance vacuum pumps have been tried and tested for many years in numerous industrial applications. A comprehensive product range of accessories is available for this pump type.

I BL2 Front Left View


The L-BL2 split range family of pumps allow the user to take advantage of the L-BL technology in applications where higher air volume is needed or for special process requirements. They are suitable for applications involving aggressive suction materials and can also be implemented e.g. in the food & beverages industry where they are available in versions made entirely of stainless steel. We also sell versions equipped with all the valves including tubing required for integration into a CIP cleaning process. Air-to-water heat exchangers or plate heat exchangers are also on offer.