Italy and Pasta - a never ending success story

The most famous pasta maker chooses Robuschi product's range for its worldwide plants. Barilla utilizes Robuschi oil free screw Compressor in its production process.

"ROBOX screw" is one of the best technology used in pneumatic transport processes, for the transfer of powders or any type of granules (flours, seeds…) in mills and pasta production processes: from the raw grain processing to the final product.

Robuschi Barilla Pasta

Benefits at a Glance

  • Oil free technology prevents any pollution's risk in the food process also thanks to our special coating into the compressor screw heart;
  • Operation at lower temperatures (20 % less temperature compared to other technologies) without deterioration of the conveyed material
  • Outstanding energy performance: The rotor's profile (Robuschi patent) allows the maximum efficiency at a reduced speed with consequent energy savings;
  • Peace of mind thanks to the continuous monitoring control panel Sentinel