Choosing Gardner Denver proves an ‘outstanding success’ for EPC power mega project led by TSK

Power plants demand constant, high-quality air to meet the complex operational requirements, for a range of demanding applications. As a result, robust and reliable equipment, combined with application expertise, are key to the success of any power plant project. Keeping this in mind TSK chose to rely on Gardner Denver to supply the equipment for a mega project, the construction of a set of combined-cycle power plants across 3 separate locations in Bolivia.

TSK case study

Project Details

Since the 1980’s, TSK has specialized in engineering development and the supply of a range of high quality facilities for the energy, industrial, minerals handling, and environmental sectors.

With extensive experience working in Latin Amercia, the company worked as part of a consortium (led by TSK and Siemens) to deliver a megaproject, the conversion and expansion of 3 power plants in Bolivia – Termoeléctrica del Cochabamba (Entre Ríos), Tarija (Yaguacua) and Santa Cruz (Warnes).

For Warnes and Yaguacua, the main focus was converting the existing facilities from single-cycle to combined-cycle power plants, as well as expanding each plant with the addition of new blocks. For Entre Rios, the focus was on expanding the existing thermoelectric plant with combined cycle blocks, while maintaining the existing facility to create an open-cycle power plant. Upon completion of the project, the combined total output of approximately 1,000 MW would be added across the 3 plants.

Taking charge of managing compressed air systems, TSK received the technical specifications for the instrumentation and compressed air service systems required for the project. Having gone through an extensive list of suppliers, the company reached out to Gardner Denver to deliver a range of cutting-edge compressed air technologies from its CompAir range to support the project.

The Challenge

Having worked with Gardner Denver on a range of previous projects, the TSK was confident that both the team and the equipment provided would be able to rise to the challenges and requirements presented by this large-scale, complex project. Gardner Denver also provided the benefit of being the only supplier capable of providing complete, turn-key compressed air solutions, housed inside containers; providing TSK with a simple and effective solution.

Providing a turn-key compressed air solution for a mega project, such as the conversion and/or expansion of a power plant, poses a major challenge. In addition to the inherent production and logistical challenges; Gardner Denver’s engineers were faced with the task of designing, building, and testing a number of separate systems, each tailored to a different set of specifications and operating environments.

The solution

The team was able to design a set of 3 packages, containing a total of 10 CompAir oil-free compressors; 4 D50HRS-10A oil-free rotary screw compressors, 4 D37H-10A two-stage rotary screw compressors, and 2 D75-10A two-stage rotary screw compressors. The packages also housed 10 absorption dyers, and a range of other air treatment accessories, such as deposits and filters; all in a secure, robust, and weatherproof enclosure.

The installation is completely plug-&-play, with operators simply having to press the start button. Each unit is controlled automatically via a touch-screen enabled control box, making sure that the dew point is controlled to optimize the operation of dryers; enclosure over-heating is prevented via built in hot air evacuation ducts.

Trust the experts in compressed air systems

With over 90 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying oil-free compressors, Gardner Denver is committed to quality, innovation, and having a complete understanding of our customers’ operational and business needs. Our range of oil-free compressors and turn-key solutions are helping EPC’s and operators to meet and exceed their project objectives.

We have a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions, based on cutting-edge technologies that are designed to support industries; from power generation and oil & gas, chemical and water treatment.

When you choose Gardner Denver, you can be sure that you are choosing the best possible solution for your specific application.