Biogas has increasing worldwide significance as a recognized renewable energy source. Biogas production can and will contribute in a significant way to future energy supplies, replacing more and more existing fossil-fuel sources such as coal, oil and natural gas.

compressors and blowers for Biogas applications 

Improve your total cost of ownership!

Wittig is a trusted name in Biogas compressor technology. We have developed our industrial gas compressors, renowned for their reliability and maintainability, into a market leading range of compressors, specifically for the Biogas market.

Wittig ROG series offers powerful gas compressors offering the utmost reliability. They are designed for an extremely long lifetime, safe operation and minimum maintenance expense. They are the perfect solution for every Biogas upgrading process or for feeding gas into the grid.

Our focus and dedication on reliability and ease of maintenance, means that we have shifted from a reactive to a predictive culture where problems can be solved before they happen, by using our new groundbreaking iConn platform to monitor the systems in real time. Please contact us to learn more about this.



Wittig Biogas compressor
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Biogas Applications

  • Biogas upgrading
  • Digester mixing